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  • Season Finale Winner: Final Fantasy VIII

    And the winner of the Fierce Feedback season finale is Final Fantasy VIII! With 100% of the votes, the tagline, “You’ll get over it some day…” clearly doesn’t ring true […]

  • Episode 9 Winner: Streets of Rage 2 & Bloody Roar

    It’s a Fierce Feedback First (First Feedback if you will…) and Will and Liz’s gaming poll ends in a draw! There are no victors nor losers this day and the […]

  • Episode 8 Winner: Lemmings 2

    He’s only gone and done it again! Will says: “Lemming know how you feel about my win, Aurore.” *badum tish* Aurore says: “I forever be the Spartan Queen!” Will is […]

  • Episode 6 Winner: Command & Conquer

    Did Will win? AFFIRMATIVE. Will says: “Another week another strategic victory.” Liz says: “I’ll keep my PPECs to myself next time…” Will is awarded the much coveted Fierce Feedback “Diamond […]

  • Episode 5 Winner: WORMS

    What did we learn in episode 5? that Otters are just as viable a destructive force as worms, and that Liz needs to cut that fucking tomato. More importantly, you […]