Special Episode – New Year! New Decade!

How are we at the end of a decade? A decade that has been so absolutely incredible for our beloved video games. We’ve had anti-heroes and open worlds, fish factories and dystopian futures. We wouldn’t be the people we are without them…

Join Will & Liz as they reminisce about their (very different) top games of the last 10 years.

What have been your favourite games and gaming memories of the last decade? What sequels or remasters are you hoping for?

Fierce Feedback: Games of the Decade

We would love to hear from you! Share your gaming memories of the last decade with us on Twitter @fiercefeedback or email us on fiercefeedback@gmail.com!

Here’s to another amazing decade of games!

Further Feedback

This week, we share with you our decade worth of references…

Will’s Games of the Decade:

2009 – Left for Dead 2
2010 – Super Meat Boy
2011 – Portal 2
2012 – Hotline Miami
2013 – Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
2014 – Shovel Knight
2015 – Rocket League
2016 – Inside
2017 – Super Mario Odyssey
2018 – Beat Saber
2019 – Sayonara Wildhearts

Liz’s Games of the Decade:

2009 – Prototype
2010 – Heavy Rain
2011 – Dead Space 2
2012 – Operation Racoon City
2013 – DMC Devil May Cry
2014 – The Wolf Among Us
2015 – Until Dawn
2016 – Final Fantasy XV
2017 – What Remains of Edith Finch
2018 – Detroit
2019 – Resident Evil 2 Remake

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*correction – Ryan Kaufman was the Lead Designer for the Wolf Among Us.

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