Special Episode – Christmas Party!

What’s the first gaming gem you unwrapped Christmas morning? The first console or long awaited title that made your happy holidays even happier?

Will & Liz are joined by friend of the show Aurore, to talk Christmas gaming memories, bowling & Batman.

Tune in to listen to this festive folly & join in by taking part in the Christmas Quiz, Merry Quizmas from the Quizmas Quizmaster, Mr Goldstone!

What are your favourite festive gaming memories or your favourite Christmas gaming releases? Do you have a preference of festive bowling games..?

We would love to hear from you! Share your Christmas gaming memories with us on Twitter @fiercefeedback or email us on fiercefeedback@gmail.com!

Further Feedback

This week, we share with you our festive references…

Elf Bowling

Tekken Tag

Batman the Game

Half Life

Alex Kidd

Mirrors Edge

Rhianna Pratchett


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