Season Finale Winner: Final Fantasy VIII

And the winner of the Fierce Feedback season finale is Final Fantasy VIII! With 100% of the votes, the tagline, “You’ll get over it some day…” clearly doesn’t ring true for more than just Ms Mercuri.

Will says: Nothing. He is too busy having too much fun in his Viewtiful Joe cosplay (I mean, it has a cape).

Liz says: “I’ll tell you something for nothing, Final Fantasy VIII is blooming marvellous!”

As Liz could talk for hours about VIII, it’s time to cut the blog post short. Let’s not forget all those who love a bit of Triple Triad, compressing time and firing a dog like a cannon because let’s face it (Liz says) Final Fantasy VIII is the best Final Fantasy.

Thank you to everyone who listened and to everyone who voted and took part you are awesome!

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