Season Finale – Viewtiful Joe (2003) vs. Final Fantasy VIII (1999)

Well, here we all are at the Season One Finale of Fierce Feedback! Thank you to everyone who has joined us, taken part, provided feedback & shared tales of your Fierce Feedback enjoyment. It’s much appreciated 🙂

So for one last time this season…

Are you a stylishly stylised superhero, using your film & VFX know-how to take down the bad folk and save your girl? Or maybe you’re a mercenary, trained to bring down pesky sorceresses but accidentally fall in love with one? Whoever you are, it’s time to make your choice one last time!

(Maybe your vote will be swayed by Will’s Viewtiful cosplay…)

Who will win? Only YOU can decide! Check out our poll on Twitter @fiercefeedback and email us on to send us your memories, complaints and compliments! 

Quiz Mercuri!

Anyone who knows Liz, will have heard her utter the infamous boast, “I know everything about Final Fantasy VIII, me.”

This week, friend of the show Joe created a small Final Fantasy VIII quiz to prove once and for all whether there was any truth in Mercuri’s boastful claims.

Mercuri’s Memorabilia: FFVIII, Third Editions The Legend of Final Fantasy, FFVIII Piano Collections.

Listen to the episode to join in and see if Liz lives up to the boast!

Thanks Joe!

Further Feedback

Every week, we mention what we feel may be inspirations behind our contenders – or simply offer you some links to things we mentioned on the show. This week is no different.

True Lies (Film)

Last Action Hero (Film, 1998)

Viewtiful Joe 2 (1996)

Capcom 5

Viewtiful Joe Anime (2004)

Dante in Viewtiful Joe

FVIII Remastered (2019)

Distant Worlds

The Bouncer (2000)

Third Editions The Legend of Final Fantasy (Book)

FFVIII Piano Collections

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