Episode 8 – Halo Combat Evolved (2001) vs Lemmings 2 The Tribes (1993)

It’s Episode 8, which means it’s time for even more Fierce Feedback!

Are Spartans just another Lemming Tribe?! All these questions and more are answered this week (not really though) as Will is joined by guest host Aurore Dimopoulos who brings us her absolute favourite, Halo Combat Evolved for the PC. Huge thanks to Aurore for joining the show for a fun episode, even if she is the author of greek lies volume 2 (spoilers).

Further Feedback

We talked all about our love for Halo and Lemmings, Aurore naturally has a ‘shrine’ of her Halo goodies –

and Will even drew Lemmings fan art as a kid. Quote Will ‘gimme a break I was only 9!’ –

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