Episode 7 – Our Gaming History (special!)

It’s Episode 7 and we are mixing up the Fierce Feedback formula for a special episode! For Episode 7, join Will & Liz as they reminisce about their gaming histories!

What a couple of cool customers we used to be.

But before you jump in to Episode 7, take a moment. Take a moment to think about your own gaming history. They are kind of like your very own narrative based adventure where the choices you make and the consequences of your actions really do matter. I mean, they may even define which games you may or may not talk about (sometimes at great length) on a podcast…

For example, what was the first game that you ever played? What did you play your first games on? Were you a console owner or were you more of a PC after-school club kid? Which games do you remember as the defining milestones in your gaming backstory?

Will and Liz discuss answer all of these questions and more (and even raise a few…) in this extended episode!

Oh and in case you were wondering… E Hondaโ€™s Blood Type is A, even if Liz claimed it was B.

And we would love to hear from you! Share your gaming history with us on Twitter @fiercefeedback or email us on fiercefeedback@gmail.com to send us your memories of the first game you ever played!

Further Feedback

This week, as it was our gaming history – we mentioned hundreds of games, and didn’t have time to gather all of the links for you! Sorry! back to normal service next week ๐Ÿ™‚

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